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The Top Reasons Why you Should Incorporate Wood in Your Staircase


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Challenge Accepted: Traversing a Staircase with No Railings

Do you want to challenge your balancing skills? A spiral staircase with no railings will definitely meet the challenge. A staircase without railings is not just about accepting the challenge … Continue reading

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Stone Cantilevered Stairs

The first cantilevered staircase was built in England – a masterpiece of Andrea Palladio, known for his breathtaking spiral staircases, exploring Roman Architecture virtues. However, the first stone cantilevered staircase, … Continue reading

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Parts of a Spiral Staircase

To help you create your ideal spiral stairs we’ve listed the eight major parts that should always be present. Centre Pole/Newel – This is the pole located in the centre … Continue reading

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How Does a Staircase Project Start?

If you’ve never contracted someone to design and/or build a staircase, here’s how a project is typically started: New client or contractor – First, a new client or a contractor … Continue reading

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The Differences between Modern and Contemporary Stairs

You have no doubt heard the words “contemporary” and “modern” to describe a specific style in design. Designing your stairs to adapt either a modern or a contemporary design can … Continue reading

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Stairs and Slide Fusion

Choose a straight, helical or spiral staircase and combine with slide fusion in your home. Aside from granting preferences, this quirky combination is also very functional when you are in a … Continue reading

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