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Stairs can indeed be art

We agree with the folks over in Stair Porn (don’t worry, it’s totally safe for work!) that stairs can be art.

Many people view stairs as just that, stairs. They are definitely useful for letting people traverse floors, but we believe that staircases merit some appreciation for their aesthetics and simplicity in form and in function. While different people may have other interpretations of what art means to them, there is no denying that the winding forms, the choice of materials, and even the effort in building the it is admirable enough to be called art.

Like many forms of art, preparations are required. Before every staircase starts, precisely formulated blueprints are drawn to the tiniest detail, like a sketch before it blossoms into a dazzling painting. Materials are the paint, each carefully chosen for its emotional effect and their durability. The location is important, for controlling the traffic and achieving maximum impact after seeing the stairs. Look at the significance of church stairs or other religious locations; they convey the meaning of being closer to heaven. Once preparations are complete the construction phase starts. Unlike most art, building stairs is not just a one-man effort. Teamwork is necessary between the various architects and artisans if they want to create a masterpiece to behold.

Stairs also represent the culture and the style prominent in past cultures. From the rough stone hewed stairs of castles, the spiral staircases made of polished wood present in villas, and the simple yet efficient construction of modern stairs show a glimpse of the principles they highly value in their time.


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