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Why Spiral Staircases?

spiral staircase

A common question popping up when people want a new staircase is, why choose spiral staircases when other staircases are available? Let us focus on what spiral stairs can offer to anyone thinking of getting one.

Space saving. Not enough space in your room? Then choose spiral stairs. Spiral staircases are the most compact out of all the stairs thanks to its spiralling construction.By using spiral stairs, you will have more room and give the place a more “open” feel thanks to the expanded space that spiral stairs have provided.

Sometimes there is just no choice but to use spiral stairs. The place may be too small for straight stairs to be feasible, so they use spiral stairs if they still need different areas in the building to be accessible to its occupants.

A trade-off for saving space is that spiral staircases can be steep and a tad cramped depending on how large the “circle” is. Tall people will definitely be uncomfortable because of the minimal headroom, and carrying large and/or heavy objects using spiral stairs will be quite a chore.

Reliable. Because of their construction, spiral staircases need to be durable to support its own weight as well as anyone who are using them. The materials used in its manufacture are sturdy to enable people to use them for a long time.

Can be installed practically anywhere. Advancements in spiral stairs construction allowed them to be installed in virtually any place wherever they are needed. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, working perfectly well no matter where they are placed. This places it with a huge advantage over other stairs because renovations can be costly, although ceilings or floors may need large holes cut out of them to be used as landings for the stairs.

Fabricated spiral staircases are popular nowadays. These stairs are manufactured off-site after measurements and drafting are done. These allow them to be quickly placed anywhere, needing only a strong foundation and some set-up before the stairs are finally completed and ready to use.

Aesthetics. Spiral stairs are the perfect combination of form and function. These stairs are not only useful, but also pleasing to look at. Many famous locations in the world are notable because to their spiral stairs. Attracting many to its sinuous contours, spiral staircases bring a touch of elegance in any location. An assortment of materials and construction techniques means any spiral staircase can be built, limited only by a person’s imagination. If you need a hand in coming up with design ideas, read Steps to Staircase Ideas.


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