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Choosing From Common Staircase Materials

A wide variety of building materials are available for staircase construction. This gives builders a lot of potential designs to work with. Combine that with assorted styles and diverse environments, designers can go crazy with their ideas.

The large number of components available is a huge benefit for most, although it can intimidate others. To help these people decide, we’ll focus on the most common materials used for staircases.

Wood or timber

A popular material throughout the ages, wood is used to emphasize the personality of a room. Many famous locations are notable for their wooden stairs and the touch of class they radiate.

The different kinds of wood, grades, grains and patterns mean this material can be adapted anywhere. Finishes can be applied to protect the wood and improve its appearance.


A classic construction material, stone is used if one wants to give off an air of strength as well as stubbornness. Not surprising since many castles and towers use them frequently. It’s a great material if you’re going for a gothic design. Like wood, stones have a wide range of types available, with some of the rarer stones needing to be imported from other countries.


The no-nonsense types love concrete for its cost-efficiency, adaptability and dependability. Staircases made of concrete are installed quickly and last for a long time. They can also be painted in different colours and patterns, and if you change your mind later on, you can just repaint it.


Steel is possibly the most durable out of all the materials, which is why helical and spiral staircases are often made from steel. This material is perfect if you need the unmatched durability out of your stairs. Because steel is resistant to pretty much anything you can throw at it, they are ideal as an interior or exterior staircase. Steel is also a common element in some schools of design, particularly modernism, minimalism, and Bauhaus.


Glass is a frequent choice in modern homes. They may seem an unwise choice because of their brittleness, but glass staircases are actually made of toughened glass, which can support a person’s weight. Glass is commonly used together with other materials like steel.


In the end, it’s all about personal preference when it comes to choosing materials for your staircase. As long as you’re pleased with how it looks and works, any material you choose should be perfect for you.


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