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Why Bespoke is Best

bespoke staircase

Many staircase companies have staircase templates in their catalogues.  Several of these available designs are decent, but they might not be an attractive option for some. If you feel limited by the range of choices in these templates, then you should consider bespoke staircases instead.

What are bespoke staircases?

Bespoke staircases are customised staircases. These stairs are built-to-order, so you can request whatever you want it to be. Bespoke stairs can be straight, spiral, cantilevered, or helical, and you are free to choose from a variety of building styles.

If you have an idea for a design or want to use alternative materials, just tell the contractors. The price and project time will be dependent on the complexity of the design, amount of work required, and the cost of the materials. These points may discourage some from pursuing bespoke staircases, but many accept the trade-off for the chance to own a one-of-a-kind staircase.

How are bespoke staircases made?

Bespoke staircases can be manufactured off-site and installed later like in most staircase kits, but for heavily customized staircases, it might be built on the site itself. In this case, they are built with a combination of factory manufacturing and hand crafting.

Who are bespoke staircases for?

People who desire an excellent and unique staircase for their home or office will have the most use for a bespoke staircase. Others may have their own reasons like the ones listed below.

For those who want to impress people

Staircases are hard to ignore because of its size and central location in a building and the fact that people use it every day. Therefore, various people made their staircases the centrepiece of the building, impressing anyone who sees it.

For those after functionality

If you think along the lines of “It’s a long-term investment, why not pretty them up too?”, then you’ll get your money’s worth with a bespoke staircase. Since these staircases are customised, they are often manufactured with higher quality materials and better construction, thus looking great and lasting longer too. Bespoke stairs are definitely a worthy investment if you plan to stay for a long time in one location.

For those after customisability

Bespoke stairs do not have the limits that catalogue stairs have, so you are free to design it to fit the room or the building’s overall theme. Whether it’s a spiral staircase inspired by Victorian-era architecture or the rustic atmosphere of the US frontier, you can literally build any staircase that comes to mind.


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