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4 Famous Spiral Staircases From All Around The World

As staircase building professionals, we respect the work built by our fellow artisans from different parts of the globe. These works have inspired countless visitors with awe and wonder – their curving shapes ensnaring their imaginations as a snake would. As masterpieces of construction and technology, these spiral staircases also influenced many to become builders in the hope of bring into life a staircase to call their own, as a gift to the world to be appreciated, to be admired, to be loved.

Now then, let’s begin our trip around the world, shall we?

loretto chapel

Loretto Chapel

A beautiful piece of architecture that would delight artists and architecture enthusiasts, The Loretto Chapel is shrouded in mystery and intrigue; which is just one of the many reasons why the chapel continues to draw in crowds to this day.

Its famous spiral stairs has its own share of mystique. Built in 1877 by a highly skilled yet unknown carpenter, the stairs are heralded as a miracle of construction. It continues to capture the hearts and minds of many who have seen it in its glory.

Currently, the Chapel has been converted into a museum, but weddings may still be arranged.

vatican museums

Vatican Museums

Whenever someone searches for spiral stairs on the Internet, you’ll always see a picture of these stairs. Not surprising as the Vatican Museums spiral staircase remains one of the most photographed staircases in the world.

It’s not surprising because anyone who see the stairs, Catholic or not, will certainly be impressed by its grandeur and scale. Many will notice the intricate carvings and engravings on the stairs and the sense of amazement (and vertigo) one encounters when looking down, but only a few will perceive the real shape of the stairs: a double helix.


Chateau de Chambord

The Chateau de Chambord is one of the most largest and most recognisable structures in the world thanks to its unique and authentic French Renaissance architecture. It was initially constructed by King François I, but he never saw the building completed. Fittingly, this exquisite châteaux features an equally refined double-helical staircase.



Lello Bookshop

This old bookshop is known as the Livraria Lello & Irmão or the Livraria Chardron. It’s one of the famous, as well as the oldest bookshop in Portugal and features an astounding staircase at the heart of the store itself. Not only receiving recognition for its striking staircase, it is also classified as the third best bookstore in the world.


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