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How to Purchase your Dream Spiral Case

Designing your dream home means having the freedom to design it however they wish. To help achieve their goal, some hire a decorator or a designer to do the job for them. Others prefer to do it themselves so it’s closer to the lifestyle and personal taste that they had in mind. Keep this guide in mind if you do decide to do some home renovations so you won’t have any regrets down the road.

Identify Building Codes

Some people own a condominium, others in duplexes. Each building have specific building codes they have to follow, so it’s important to research the building codes of the structure and the area before deciding to add staircases or renovating the building. This is essential because not following the building codes is illegal and can weaken the structure, making the habitation dangerous.

Analyse the location

When constructing a spiral staircase, you should consider the location on where you’re going to put your spiral case. Make sure that it is suitable for your environment and for your usage. If you often carry large equipment upstairs, choose a spiral case that is wide enough for you or better yet, use straight stairs. If your home caters to children, choose a suitable one that’s not too steep, has no sharp edges, and has ample space.

Decide on the design

Spiral stairs are generally made from different materials such as timber, steel, glass, stone, and concrete. Wooden spiral staircases are recommended for indoors because some types of wood and finishes cannot withstand the elements. Incorporating steel in indoor spiral stairs design can add a certain medieval feel to the design. Also consider the versatility of the spiral stair’s design when choosing. Remember that the paint colour and décor of your home will not last forever, so choose a spiral staircase that can still look stylish as the years goes by. The atmosphere of the room should also be considered when choosing a good spiral case for your home, choosing it not only for functionality, but also for aesthetics.

Kit or Custom

Decide if you’re going to buy a pre-fabricated spiral case that is ready to be installed or get a customised one.  Pre-fabricated staircases are gaining popularity because of the various customisation options, construction speed, and relative inexpensiveness compared to traditional construction, but there is a stigma associated with pre-fab stairs. If owners are aiming for quality, they should go for bespoke staircases because they are made with higher grade materials as well as designed and built professionally.


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