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What You Need To Know When Building A Spiral Staircase

First, some quick facts: did you know that spiral stairs was a common sight in ancient times? It was used everywhere, like dwellings and public areas. They are most prominent in basements, cellars, dungeons, and turrets all throughout the world. Its popularity remained constant through the years, and is now perceived as a symbol of charm and magnificence in modern times.

A spiral staircase can add drama and accent your home by providing easy elevated access to different floors, which caused many people to prefer spiral staircases rather than traditional straight staircases. Spiral stairs also have many benefits that is lacking in straight stairs. For example, spiral staircases save space, which might be difficult, if not impossible for straight staircases. This fact is particularly for those who live in confined or limited spaces. Not only winning out on functionality, it also has a majestic overall appearance that can highlight the design of your home while preserving its usefulness.

Here are some tips when you are planning to install a spiral staircase in your home:

  • Remember that single entry staircases may have specific regulations according to the Building Code. Space is the key factor which will decide if a particular spiral staircase will satisfy the building codes. Since maximisation of the space is the primary reason why spiral staircases are built, do not forget to get precise measurements of the area where you are planning to construct a spiral staircase.
  • When it comes to the design, there is a wide array of choices. Some opt to have their stairs customised or order bespoke, but it is generally much more expensive than having a pre-fabricated staircase installed.
  • Floor-to-floor height isn’t the same as floor-to-ceiling height. This is something most people ignore. It is a crucial part when it comes to spiral staircases and the measurement should be exact and correct.
  • To get the impression on your location where you’re planning to build it, mark the projection with strapping on the floor as well as on the roof.
  • When you are performing your own calculations, be sure to measure the handrail as well.
  • Check with the manufacturer if your spiral case includes the things you need. Not all manufacturers provide this, so better check before making your purchase.

Whether or not you decide on doing this particular part of the house by yourself or with an experienced team, it is certain that it will add elegance and class to your home. Spiral stairs provide an easy way to access a loft area, up-stair lounge, or other floors in the building.


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