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Stairspiration: Art Nouveau

hotel tassel stairs

Tassel House staircase

Hello readers, we’re here with another Stairspiration, this time about Art Nouveau. We mentioned Art Nouveau on the last Stairspiration(Art Deco), so we decided, why not write a piece about it next? Are you ready? Let’s get started then.

What is Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau is an art style that uses flat colours, curvy flowing lines, and floral patterns. Just one glance at it and you’ll immediately understand that its main themes are nature, life, and movement. Japonisme, an art movement popular in France, had a huge influence on the development of Art Nouveau.

The movement encompassed many different disciplines, including art, architecture, jewelry, and interior design. It reached its height of popularity during 1890 to 1910 because of developments for cheaper yet stronger materials, the budding demand for industrialised art, and the fact that Art Nouveau pieces are generally expensive to produce.

The Many Names of Art Nouveau

One style, many names. Because Art Nouveau did not originate from one place, the overall style was influenced by many locales around the world, earning the style different names. They usually name it after its organic characteristics, its “newness”, or the freedom of the style. Notable locations and artists that earned recognition were also associated with the name of the style.

  • Modernisme in Catalonia (Spain)
  • Jugendstil in Germany
  • Modern in Russia
  • Secession in Austria-Hungary
  • Stile Liberty and Arte nuova in Italy
  • Le style modern (“the modern style”) old French name for Art Nouveau
  • Arte joven (“young art”) in Spain
  • Arte nova “new art” in Portugal
  • Nieuwe kunst “new art” Netherlands
  • Модерн “new” or “contemporary” in Russia.
  • Lilienstil “lily style”
  • Styke Nouille “noodle style”
  • Paling Stijl “eel style”
  • Wellenstil “wave style”

Art Nouveau in Architecture

The influence of Art Nouveau in architecture design can be seen across the world. All have their own take on what Art Nouveau really is, yet they still follow the concept of being organic. One of the most notable examples of Art Nouveau architecture is Hotel Tassel, which is widely regarded as the first true Art Nouveau building.

Art Nouveau in Stair Design

Art Nouveau had the same influence on staircase design. The nature-inspired theme and spiraling motifs of the style works particularly well for spiral and helical staircases, bringing the stars to life thanks to the illusion of motion that the style provides.

If you love nature, spirals, and flowers, then Art Nouveau might be the style for you.

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