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Why Wooden Stairs?


Staircases can be constructed in a variety of materials. While all materials can be used to great effect, each has their own advantages and disadvantages, although at the end, the deciding factor are the preferences of the one who wanted to build the staircase.

For this post, we’ll concentrate on the many benefits that wood as a material offers. Since wood is also a popular material not only for stairs but also for buildings, their benefits are similar.


Wood has a wide range of types

Wood has many varieties to choose from (around 5000 in fact). Each type of wood has their own pros and cons: oak, cherry, maple, you name it. There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to wood!

Wood is plenty and renewable

Wood is a renewable source, unlike some materials like stone or metal. If you’re the type who cares for the environment, then wood should be your top choice because you’ll be assured that there’s plenty more where they came from.

Wood is cheaper than other materials

It depends on the wood, but wood is generally cheaper compared to other building materials. And because wood is indeed plenty, it also serves to bring down prices further.

Wood is robust

You can trust wood to remain durable even after years of use as long as it’s taken care of properly.

Wood is easily replaceable

If you ever need to replace them because of damage or just want a new one, they’re also cheaper to repair or restore.

Wood, the natural insulator

It may not be as important in stairs, but wood is a great material for insulation. If you like walking around your home barefooted and hate cold stairs, then wood might be the best choice for you.

Wood is beautiful

Take for example wooden spiral staircases, they will all look beautiful thanks to wood’s natural beauty.



All materials will deteriorate eventually because of non-biological agents like wind, water, and exposure to the sun. Because wood is an organic material, it can also decay and rot because of mould and fungi. This is not a problem if the wood is kept clean and coated correctly.

Vulnerable to insects, particularly termites

Like anything made of wood, if termites decided to make it their food, they will. Call an exterminator if it becomes a problem.


Another disadvantage to wood is they are flammable, that is, if exposed to high temperature. However, wood can be coated to make it fire retardant, but it’s still best to keep open flames away from wood.

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