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Eight Modern Staircase Ideas

Helical, straight, and spiral staircases can range from simple and functional, to graceful works of art. Different designs are available, with most suited to the owner and built according to what they need. Stairs vary from the type of materials used on them such as metal, wood, glass, concrete or the combination of two elements. Here are some modern staircase ideas we’ve found around the web so you can incorporate them into your next staircase design.

Reefs at Ballast Bay


Image: OBM International

This is a simple and organized-looking cantilevered stair design with a contemporary, minimalist and floating inspired design for a staircase. It is made of wood and supported by non-structural cables for safety and support. This design is perfect for small and sophisticated homes.

Stair Tower


Image: RWA Architects

This classic piece of custom railing is created with stock metalwork and brown tiles, adding warmth to the overall design of the home. Quite a grand and dignified staircase befitting any home.

Straight Stairway with Glass Wall


Image: Redmond Aldrich Design

With proper lighting, this modern black stairs looks like a piece from modern museums in Europe. The carpet adds class and elegance to the stairs, which is highly suitable for homes with high ceilings.

Bojanic House View


Image: Martin Fenlon Architecture

This modern design of a concrete staircase starts from narrow to widened design as it curves and ascends to the top of the landing. The stainless steel compliments the overall modern style of this piece.

Mid-North Residence


Image: Vinci Hamp Architects

The floating steps and glass balustrades give this sleek white and wood finish stairs a clean and comfy feel. Everything in its design looks like it should belong in this part of the home.

Cat Mountain Residence


Image: Cornerstone Architects

The use of energy efficient materials and architectural wood details gave the contemporary look of this stair. It is made from hickory wood as flooring, steel banisters and wire railings. Truly a wonderful example of beauty in simplicity. 

Entry Staircase


Image: Jeff King and Co.

This custom-made simple staircase adds character to a home with its dark wood treads and white wood railings. The stairs work together with the artwork on the background, adding harmony to the design. 

Lakeside Home


The traditional and classic Victorian look of this curved staircase with a combination of wood and white pedestals compliments the marble flooring and wide windows of a home with additional class from the beautiful chandelier at the ceiling.

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