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The Baron’s Palace And Its Spiral Staircase


Every spiral staircase in the world has its own unique story to tell. Many would share interesting experiences from one floor to another. Childhood memories and family gatherings may also flash across your trip down memory lane. However, there is a palace located at Heliopolis, Egypt that has a spiral staircase story worth sharing.


Known as the Baron Empain Palace, this magnificent edifice of architecture was built in 1910 by a Belgian businessman, industrialist, and amateur Egyptologist, Baron Edouard Empain. Aside from the Baron’s Palace, he also built the entire city of Heliopolis which was intended to provide Egypt with a city of luxury and leisure. Heliopolis was built with broad avenues, necessary convenience shops, water drains, electricity and hotels. He also built recreational facilities such as golf courses, racetracks and parks. Few interesting myths surrounding both the palace and the spiral cases are as follows.

  • The palace’s base was made to rotate 360°, allowing the Baron to see the entire city he built without moving from his seat.
  • A few people claim that the palace had a secret tunnel connected to the Basilica Church. The Baron also had a customised vehicle to navigate his way along the tunnel.
  • The Baron’s daughter and sister were not allowed to enter the pink bedroom located at the basement of the palace which is where the passage to the tunnels are located.
  • The Baron’s daughter, Miriam suffered from paralysis and psychological issues. Her condition was blamed for her father’s strict and firm behaviour. She was also imprisoned at times. She died because of an alleged suicide after a love affair with one of the servants, after finding her dead in the service elevator which connected the kitchen to the roof.
  • It is believed that the spiral staircase caused his wife’s death due to the palace’s revolving base where the Baron’s wife fell to her death.
  • When the Baron died, it is believed that the mirrors covering the walls of the pink room in the basement turned red.

Today, the Baron’s Palace remains a place with shrouded mystery and haunting tales. Bats, stray dogs and even ghosts are said to wander around the palace. Many believe that the ghost of the fallen daughter along with other ghosts lingers in the palace. Mysterious music playing as though the glory days of the palace never ended and the sounds of furniture being swept across the rooms during midnight have been heard according to a few residents nearby. Although the Baron’s Palace is a place of mystery, it is an incredible piece of historical architecture that holds a beautiful spiral staircase that will leave anyone in awe.


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