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Space Saving Ideas for your Staircase

We all know that stairs are used for floor-to-floor navigation from one floor to another but do you know that underneath it, lies a great space which you can use for your needs? Here are some inspirational ideas on how you can take advantage of that unused space under your stairs.

 Hidden wine rack


Small space like this calls for small items to be stored. The temperature beneath the stairs is relatively cooler than other storage space in your house. The space is also perfect for wine storage since wine needs to be stored away from direct sunlight. Have petite wine rack installed under.

Drawers under the stairs


Have those empty rectangles transformed into drawers. It is perfect for those out of season clothes, sports equipments and shoes that need to be out of sight yet still accessible.

 Linen closet


Sheets, towels and table runners fit perfectly into drawers and storing them beneath your straight stairs is an accessible and convenient location to store them.

Television storage


Many homes today have embraced the picture frame idea to their television set. How about storing it under the stairs? Taking out the television from the centre of the room and stowing it behind a closed and inconspicuous storage, keeps it from being a focal point.

Mudroom storage


The space under your stairs can also be a room for your outdoor necessities such as sports materials, gardening tools and car tools. Not only does it keeps them organised but it also helps to keep them out of sight but still accessible whenever you need it.

 Vertical stairs


Attics and loft can be hard to reach and awkward to make space for stairs. Install vertical pull-out units to become stairs while still serving as great storage boxes.

Contemplative storage


For your serious storage need, you can opt to install drawers and shelves under your stairs with locks. Out of sight and out of mind, everything is organised and in place with this system. You can store items such as knives, delicate car and home tools, electric wires and other things that need to be out of children’s reach.

Library staircase


The space under the stairs varies on the step of the length which is perfect for books of different sizes and volumes. Magazines and books are all within your reach yet organised and it also adds character to your stairs without taking up much space.


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