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Balustrade Ideas for your Home Staircase

No matter how simple or ordinary looking your staircase is, it can be enhanced further by choosing a good staircase banister that matches the design of your home and your stair aesthetics. A staircase doesn’t need to have a powerful design to be a strong visual centre of space but adding a personal touch to the banister can transform it into a magnificent work of art.


This simple yet elegant, cream coloured staircase from New Designs offers complete functionality. The glass banister highlights the beautiful wooden steps and white walls, while maximising space. This straight stairs inspiration is perfect for a home with limited space.


The beautiful wrought iron banister gives emphasis on the classic marble design of this wonderful staircase from Banque Nationale de Paris, Nancy. The gold rails, swirling like a caramel, add life to the over-all design.


The whimsical wrought iron design banister, on a background of white, adds colour and life to this beautiful wooden staircase. Accentuated by a cream coloured carpet, class meets sophistication.


The black and white design, inspired by the Oriental, turns minimalism into space evoking. The simplistic design of solid steel banisters blends seamlessly with the floating effect of every step.


Have you watched Beyonce’s new music video, “Haunted”? If so, you will probably notice this one-of-a-kind marble staircase. The banister is made from wrought iron with an intricate design, matched perfectly with treated wood. The lion’s head at the end of the banister adds intensity to this powerful design.


Ascend this daintily furnished, arched staircase and channel Bree Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives. This artistic design of solid iron is arched to give further refinement to the beautifully crafted stairs. The look of this staircase definitely belongs to Wisteria Lane!


Feel the country with this solid wood staircase, accentuated with wood and steel cable railings. The cement coloured walls bring out the true character and poise of this simple, yet modern staircase. Stability meets durability, made stronger with design and full-functionality.


Bring the ocean waves into your home by using steel and glass shapes on the balustrade of your staircase. Entwine elegance and sophistication with a cantilevered staircase. The floating design staircase, coupled with beautiful steel waves will leave your visitors in awe.


Frosted glass provides an aesthetically pleasing result for your stair balustrade. They are starting to gain popularity as they allow additional light into the surrounding areas. They can also add a touch of privacy and concealment. As the sunlight touches the frosted glass, prepare to be dazzled by a rainbow effect!


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