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Clear Living With Glass Staircases

We’ve talked about using concrete or wood as a material for stairs before, so this time we’ll discuss about the several merits of using glass for your staircase, but first things first…

Glass? Aren’t they too weak or brittle to be used as stairs?

No, that’s only for standard uses like drinking glasses or windows. The glass used for the stairs are made with tougher and thicker glass. It may seem the added thickness wouldn’t make a big difference, but it actually does. What’s more, the glass threads are usually reinforced with PVC which is embedded within the glass thread. When they’re installed, steel or aluminium is also used to support the weight of the glass thread and the person using the stairs.

Not that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s start talking about the advantages and disadvantages of glass as a material:


Glass does not degrade

Unlike wood or metal, glass will not rot or corrode, for a long time at least.


Glass is naturally waterproof as well as weatherproof. This means they can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Glass is alluring

Most people will agree that glass sits between wood and metal in physical beauty. They can even be tinted, printed, or attached with LED lights inside or under the threads to increase its charm.


Glass is the only transparent material aside from plastic. Being transparent has several benefits, like giving an impression of more space and letting more light flow into the room. Glass is a great choice when combined with cantilevered stairs.

Requires less maintenance

If you dislike the additional costs of maintaining stairs, then glass might be the material for you. Glass doesn’t need additional maintenance like wood, metal, or rock, aside from regular cleaning.

Fire safe

In the event of a fire, you won’t have to worry about the stairs catching and spreading the fire if you use glass stairs.

Cheaper and widely available

Because the usage of glass is widespread, it is usually cheaper than other materials and easily available.


Strong, but not that strong

While we did mention that the glass used for staircases are tougher than the usual, they may not be able to handle heavier loads. If you require a staircase just for that, it would be better to use other materials instead, particularly for spiral staircases. Also, take care not to drop heavy object or anything that can pierce the glass since it might break.

Incompatible with some architectural styles

Glass staircases might not fit all home styles. They can fit modernised homes fine though, as well as other minimalist styles.



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