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Stairspiration: Bauhaus


It’s been a while but we return with another post for Stairspiration. The previous one, if you remember, was about Art Nouveau. For this post, we’ll talk about Bauhaus. If you like minimalist stairs and lots of metal and glass, then you’ll probably like this style.

What is Bauhaus?


Bauhaus started as an architectural style back in 1919, in the Bauhaus School of Design, Art and Architecture in Germany. It’s one of the most influential schools in the modern world today and still remains popular in designs across several fields like art, architecture and engineering.

The Bauhaus (the school) was founded by architect Walter Gropius in Weimar, Germany. He tried to bring a marriage of form and function when he was considering the design of the building.As is evident with its popularity and the fact that we like it, we definitely agree that he achieved this goal!

As mentioned before, the style emphasises practicality and aesthetics, without sacrificing either of them.This means that any object that follows the philosophy of Bauhaus will remain graceful and useful, no matter what their form. This style is for people who consider themselves down-to-earth, with an underlying determination to look good.


Bauhaus in Architecture



Bauhaus is usually characterised by the frequent use of metal and glass in the building’s design. It often exposes parts to improve its aesthetic effect. Take for example the place where it all started, the school of Bauhaus in Dessau. It’s clearly a functional looking place but without being too boring. The same goes for our other example, the College of Saint Benilde in the Philippines. It shows that the place is solely dedicated to the pursuit of learning, yet it stands out from the rest of the nearby buildings.

Bauhaus in Stair Design

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If you think that Bauhaus wouldn’t have a huge effect on staircase design because stairs are already functional and necessary pieces in every building, then you’d be wrong.Just look at the pictures and you’ll see that Bauhaus still had a hand in the design of many staircases throughout the world, resulting in pleasant, yet useful spiral staircases to be enjoyed by all. Any staircase designed after Bauhaus should be a perfect fit for most modern and minimalist homes.



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