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Carpet Stair Treads: Is It For You?



When it comes to the over-all aesthetics and design of your home staircase, you have total control of what’s in and what’s out. Many people install carpet treads for their stairs. Some people install them simply because of its convenience while others feel that it brings out the uniqueness of the staircase. No doubts about that but you need to know if it suits to your needs and not just because you simply want it.

A finished pre-fab hardwood floor staircase can be tricky and slippery to anyone especially if you have kids at home. Not to mention if they often leave their toys and things if they are fond of playing at the base of our stairs. It can be a slipping hazard for older people and children. Carpet stair treads reduce that hazard and gives traction support as you navigate your way up and down.

Carpet stair treads add life and a complete personality to make it stand together with your home décor. Your carpet stair treads can be matched together with your home rugs. If your abode has plenty of white walls, adding a white carpet treads can be used to tie the wooden steps into the colour of your wall. Your paintings can also be emphasised if you consider this.

Cleaning it is also relatively easy. You can simply detach it and throw it in the washing machine on your laundry day. However, adding a carpet stair tread to your staircase collects a considerable amount of dirt and it absorbs liquids. If you opt to clean it by vacuuming, you may find it tricky as you need to avoid damaging your walls and the wood underneath it. Stains can be difficult to remove and may even cost you if you have it replaced. Unpleasant odours such as pets, cigars and spills can be trapped by the carpet stair treads.

The correct installation of a carpet stair tread can be done by using staples, nails and adhesive that is readily available. You will sustain damage under the carpet because of this if you wish to have it installed permanently. You may have to refinish your wood steps to remove the damage you incur during the installation.

Carpet stair treads can be really helpful when you’re particular to the safety of your straight staircase but keeping these points can help you decide if it is really for you. If you have old people and children at home, it would be best to install and have it.

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