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Painting Stairs: The Way to Be Decorative, Creative and Attractive

It’s simply easy to believe that not all stairs, whether they be spiral stairs, straight stairs or helical stairs, can be the same. The fact that there are many available materials that you can use to make your stairs is an art alone in itself. But just to go a little overboard, having a bit more of a creative bone in your body involving your stairs is actually fun to do – however taxing and tiring the task may require.

The latter statement sounds pretty scary, so let’s clear a few things first to take off the worry.

One, the idea of painting your stairs can be fun and it is because you’ll be able to think and visualise what you would like to have and how you would like it to be. Two, painting your stairs is fun alright but it can be pretty tiring because it requires a lot of work, mainly menial work. Tugging at carpets or smoothing out old paint peels or both can make your hands swell with blisters so you have to be careful by putting on gloves. Third and last but not the least, painting your stairs especially if it’s a spiral or a helical staircase the DIY-way is so time consuming and not just because the steps are winding. If you want the end result to look like how a pro would do it, having patience and a steady hand to hold the paintbrush still and sure is a must in the skill set you need.

Moving on.

There’s a reason why beautiful stairs can be bought, ordered or made according to your liking. But you surely don’t want your stairs to be a mere copy of something that doesn’t have your personal touch, right? Painting your stairs would be a good way for you to do just that: add a personal touch.

All you have to do is pretty easy really. Prep the stairs. Think of a concept or a look that you want for your stairs. Have a bit of imagination going. Draw it on a piece of paper if you need it and then you transform it into reality by working, and I say, actually working on your stairs like a masterpiece and voila! There’s your newly painted stairs to go.

For those who have the natural knack of combining colours making cute and cool combinations and painting really good, doing the DIY-stair-painting-project would be cool. However, if you still want to pursue giving your stairs a makeover in a personally creative and attractive way you want for it to look, the concept of design and style can still be yours. All you have to do is hire a skilled person to do the painting for you.

Now, didn’t I say that this would be fun? So go, sit for a while. Think of your dream staircase, fire up your imagination and who knows, painting stairs may become a business in the long run.


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