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Stairspiration: Victorian Art Style

We’re back with another post for Stairspiration. Our most recent topic was about Bauhaus. Now, we will discuss another popular architectural design – the Victorian art style. If you’re someone who loves elaborate designs and eclectic art, you might find this style the most attractive option.


Victorian Architecture

Victorian art remains popular, especially in architecture, interior decoration and design. Aside from being attributed to grandeur and elaborate ornaments, the Victorian art style is also known for its uniformity and neatness. Eclectic in nature, this art style was influenced by the standards used to define social standing and to express prosperity. Victorian architecture combined with Georgian and Regency styles made up the architecture of public buildings. Gothic style inspired church architecture and the Queen Anne style became the most popular of Victorian-era architecture.

Wikipedia - Queen Anne House

Wikipedia – Queen Anne House

Typically, Victorian architecture is characterised by the use of complicated and decorative designs. Another notable aspect of the Victorian period is the use of vibrant colours, polished wood and stone exteriors, textured walls, imposing roofs, as well as towers as a form of aesthetic embellishments. The example above is a perfect model of a Victorian house with a Queen Anne inspired design.


Victorian Stair Designs

Liverpool Town Hall Main Staircase

Liverpool Town Hall Main Staircase

Take this staircase from Liverpool Town Hall. The decorated balustrade, coupled with the plush carpeted treads is a simple example of the Victorian influence in stair designs.

RMS Olympic (Titanic) Grand Staircase

RMS Olympic (Titanic) Grand Staircase

This staircase from the RMS Olympic is more elaborate and at one glance exudes its Victorian flair, with elaborately curved wooden posts and handrails. The flared configuration of the stairs demonstrates a royal look, which is unconventional compared to the typical curved or circular grand staircases.

Grand Staircase at the Lobby Reception of Oceania Marina

Grand Staircase at the Lobby Reception of Oceania Marina

Although Victorian in style, this grand staircase from Oceania Marina leans more on the contemporary side with marble stair treads, polished tile landings and an intricate iron balustrade design.

Tweed Courthouse Staircase

Tweed Courthouse Staircase

Built in the 19th century, this staircase from the Tweed Courthouse will still wow you, with its elaborately designed balustrade and textured stair treads. This is proof that incorporating Victorian art style in your stair design is as timeless and ageless even in modern times.


Thanks to the timeless grace of the Victorian stair design, your choice of straight stairs will be far from simple. Your spiral staircases will likely stand out and the elaborate and organised design will see your stairs taking centre stage inside your home. If you want your stairs to stand the test of time and look just as magnificent, a Victorian-inspired staircase would be the perfect choice.








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