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Top 5 Amazing Outdoor Staircases in the World

Stairs are not just inside your home, your office or your community. It can also be found beyond the confines of living spaces. In fact, it is also one of the oldest forms of navigation known. When you look beyond the city lights you will see a whole lot more of stairs. Some are just plain simple while others will leave you in awe or will make you gasp. In continuation of giving you stairspiration ideas, we will give you the most amazing outdoor staircases in the world.

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Haiku Stairs of Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its lush vegetation, rich culture and exotic beaches. Here we can find one of the steepest staircases in the world, the Haiku Stairs also called as the Stairway to Heaven. It is a steep hiking trail on the island of O’ahu. Are you brave enough to try this out?

Angkor Wat of Cambodia

Cambodia is the home of the largest religious monument in the world and its first Hindu turned Buddhist temple, the Angkor Wat. It has become a symbol of Cambodia and it has become the prime attraction for tourists and locals. Angkor Wat holds an amazing straight staircase inclined at an almost 90˚!


Tianmen Mountain of China

Have you watched the movie Avatar of James Cameron? Well, the mountains of Pandora are inspired by the mountains surrounding the Tianmen National Park located in the northwestern Hunan Province. It even holds the longest passenger cable way of high mountains in the world with 98 cars travelling back and forth. Behold the amazing staircase detailed with oriental design. This one will surely land on your Must-Visit list when you visit China!


Pailon del Diablo, Baños of Ecuador

The Pailon del Diablo is a large waterfall just a half hour away from the town of Baños in Ecuador. The name of this waterfall means Cauldron of the Devil in English.  It is the most popular attraction in the area. The fall can be navigated via a suspension bridge or walk your path down to get closer.

Step-well of Chand Baori of Rajasthan, India

Step wells in India are not just for water reservoir. It is also a place for people especially for women to hang out and escape the heat. You will be amazed how intricate the design is of this place. The geometric art form is indeed a wonderful sight.


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