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A Guide on Maintaining Your Stairs

Usually, it takes your stairs 10 to 20 years before it will need a major overhaul. The usual wear and tear is expected given that your stairs receives the most traffic inside your house. Still, failing to care for your stairs wears them out faster and taking care of repairing them might prove to be an expensive project. Avoid these things from happening by making sure that your stairs are well maintained and is built according to the set building codes.

Some major concerns on building codes

Before, people can build narrow and steep stairs and nobody will complain. The sole purpose of the building process is simply to employ the use of stairs and nothing more. Today, there are regulations and building codes that should be followed to ensure that your stairs are safe and sturdy enough to carry on with the heavy traffic. Nothing beats well-maintained and safe stairs whether they’re of the straight kind, the enchanting helical shape or the most common yet elegant spiral stairs.

A little wear and tear

It’s common for staircases to be exposed to a lot of wear and tear. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should ignore the creaks and cracks as well as the literal carpet tears you see. The smallest damage may prove harmful to you and to your family. In fact, tripping over a loose carpet can mean a total disaster especially if there is a child present at home. To say the least, you should be watchful of creaks, cracks and tears in your stairs and fix them the soonest that you can to avoid accidents from happening.

Quick tips for maintaining stairs

Most of today’s homes and buildings have stairs built according to the building codes and are furnished to last long. Just to be on the safe side though, here are some quick tips for you to keep your stairs last as long.

– Have your stairs inspected annually for damages like splits on treads or risers, loose newels and balusters and have them repaired immediately.

– Creaks should alert you that something is loose in your stairs. Immediately check it out and do repairs when necessary.

– Make sure that your stairs are always kept clean and dry. Wooden stairs are prone to wood rot especially if it’s constantly wet and paint peels when your stairs are frequently damp or moist.

– Dirt can be abrasive overtime so keeping your stairs clean and well-vacuumed especially if they are carpeted is very much advised.

– Avoid dragging heavy things up and down your stairs lest you chip your treads or split something. Lift the heavy stuff instead.

Just remember that making your stairs safe will always require proper and regular maintenance.


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