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Choosing The Staircase that’s Right for You

A staircase does not only function as a simple element that you need in order to get to the second floor of your home. With careful planning, your staircase can also turn into one of the great highlights of your house.

Among the most common stair designs that we see today are straight stairs, spiral stairs and helical stairs. Some people prefer staircases which are very modest in design but there are others who have a penchant for grander and more complicated projects. Now, with all these choices, how can you possibly settle for one design alone? Here are some things that can help you land the perfect staircase for your dream house.


The Budget

The first factor is no less than the funds that you have. How much are you willing to spend on a staircase? If you have a limited budget, your options are naturally limited as well. If you’re under this category, it is best to stick with simpler designs or better yet, go for ready-to-assemble staircases which are more affordable, though more generic.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to splurge, then you can take your pick of the grandest and most exquisite staircase designs. At the end of the day, it is still best to talk to your staircase manufacturer and negotiate your way to the stairs that suit your style the most.


The Space

The space where the staircase is to be placed also plays a big role in determining which design would work for you. Keep in mind that this specific element is crucial in ensuring that your staircase will not only be beautifully constructed but efficient and practical as well.


The Style     

The next thing to consider after the space is the style of stairs. The straight stairs, due to their simplicity, are the most common. They also cost less compared to other styles. The opposite of straight stairs are circular stairs. This style is usually seen in high-end houses and is, of course, more expensive and difficult to construct.

In choosing this aspect, it is not only important to think about the design per se. It is equally vital to consider the maintenance and repair costs that come with it.



Whether you are building a new home or just renovating, deciding on the most suitable staircase depends on a number of factors. With numerous options available out there, it is a staircase minefield, making it a difficult task to fulfil your needs and specifications.


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