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Laminated Wood: The Good and the Bad


Wood is timeless and beautiful indeed. Traditional old homes with their original hardwood floors and stairs are one of the reasons why many people love buying them. Some people use laminated wood on their floors to catch the beauty of old homes. But did you know that laminated wood is perfect for stairs and not just on your floor? It is made of thin strips of wood. These strips are cast-offs or a variety of different kinds. They are carefully sanded down to make the surface smooth. They are then glued together under pressure making it a single, cohesive board laminated wood. Before deciding to make it as an option for your straight stairs, let us check out some of its benefits and drawbacks.


Laminated wood providers can now simulate different textures and designs from hardwood natural materials. With the advances in printing, they can even produce the similar appearance of stone and ceramic. You’ll have more freedom in designing your stairs.


Laminated wood protects the material spills and stains making it easier to clean. It also does not absorb moisture and water. You’ll only need a basic sweeping and vacuuming of the floor to remove grit and accumulated dirt on the sides which can slowly erode the layers over time.


Laminated wood is also easier to install than traditional materials. You can simply click it together and use adhesives to strengthen it. Some providers also have options to click it together without using an adhesive but by using a sheet of underlayment material to simply snap it during your installation.

Strong against elements

Laminated wood is highly resistant to many outdoor agents which can cause discolouration such as tea and coffee spills. Laminated wood with its durable surface is also resistant to dirt and mud. It resists premature fading from UV light. Laminated wood is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria growth. There are also options wherein it can be treated with allergen resistant and other treatments to make it safer.

However, laminated wood produces a hollow sound compared to hardwood which can make you feel its unnatural quality. This can be an offset to some but can be prevented by dampening underlayment materials. Laminated wood may look like a hardwood, ceramic or stone but once you touch it with your bare hands, the illusion fades away. Some laminated wood is treated with compounds which are derived from formaldehyde. Many wood experts claim that it is unsafe to use as it releases dangerous organic chemicals over time.



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