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Creating Access Holes for Spiral Staircases

Before any staircase can be constructed, enough space will be required for the stairs, the railings, as well as some extra space so people can access it; however, some people simply do not have the space to construct a new staircase.

staircase hole

Spiral stairs – the answer to your spacing problems?

This is where spiral staircases come in – their compact and efficient form makes it the ideal staircase in most situations and locations, and indeed, a lot of happy homeowners have benefited with the addition of a new spiral stairs in their home.

Despite their advantage in terms of space, spiral stairs still require enough room; in some cases, it might not be possible (without massive expense) to construct a new staircase even when using spiral stairs. For the rest however, their problem is the lack of open space to construct a new set of spiral stairs. While the outdoors is always a good location for spiral stairs, it might not be possible or they still want a new indoor spiral staircase. To solve the dilemma, some people have decided to create an access hole for their spiral stairs.

Spiral staircase access holes

If you don’t have the appropriate space for other stairs, you may need to create access holes for your spiral staircase. Note that this involves permanently removing a portion of your home or ceiling (depending on the floor) in exchange for spiral stairs, so you should seriously consider it before you go ahead with the project. Of course, you can always fill the hole again, but this will cost some more, and the floor or ceiling just won’t look the same as it was before. If you’re feeling unsure about it, you should ask a building or staircase expert if it’s wise to go ahead and ask about the local building codes.

How to create access holes

Access holes can be created by doing it yourself, or finding a contractor to do it for you. Some spiral staircase manufacturers (like Spiral UK) can even do this for you. Before proceeding with the project, some things have to be considered first:

  1. The building codes in your area should be checked before anything else since it might not allow the creation of access holes or the installation of a new spiral staircase.
  2. Next, pick the area where you want to build the staircase. Check the ceiling/floor where you’re planning to create the access hole. Make sure to choose a place where it’s easy to access and have some allowances for its railings.
  3. Thirdly, the whole building, or at least the area around your planned new staircase should be inspected for safety issues and items that need to be removed, like carpets, lighting, etc.
  4. After everything is finished, you can finally measure the area for the hole, and choose/design the spiral staircase that you desire.

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