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Important Factors to Consider When Relocating Your Stairs

It is not unheard of that the stairs might need to be relocated for good reasons. Planning to relocate your stairs is undeniably a big job. Your stairs should fulfil its primary function before you can consider its aesthetic aspect to make an impression. Just the same, your stairs should be situated where you still have a place to move comfortably inside your home.

Re-locating your stairs

Stairs are meant to last as much as your house structures do. You have to wait at least 10 to 20 years before you might need to renovate your stairs. However, stairs that are badly positioned should be relocated to improve your home design as well as provide comfort.

Relocating your stairs is like putting down a wall inside your home and building it again. There’s no way you can relocate your stairs without knocking it down completely. The process will require a lot of time and might affect even the architectural aspect of your house. Consulting stair experts like us from Spiral UK will help you determine how and where to relocate your stairs. Keep in mind that relocating your stairs involves not just your home but being able to comply with strict building regulations as well.

Things to consider when relocating your stairs

Changing your floor plan – relocating your stairs would require you to change your floor plan. Are you going to relocate the stairs from the living room to another part of the house or the same part but a different place?

Stair replacement – aside from relocating, are you also planning to replace your stairs? Perhaps you would like to use different stair materials now from what you have had before. You may also change your stair design from cantilevered to spiral or spiral to straight stairs.

Space – relocating your stairs will definitely take up space. Cantilevered stairs are the best choice to maximise space while spiral staircases are better suited for houses or lofts with limited spaces.

Time – how much time do you have in mind to finish the task of relocating your stairs?

Floor access – with the ongoing relocation, do you have another means to access levels in your house with ease?

Who will do it? – the cost of relocating your stairs should be put into consideration. However doing the task yourself may not be advisable. For one, deciding how and where to relocate your stairs safely and most effectively will require professional planning. If you live with kids or elderly people, relocating a spiral staircase may also need to be changed into a straight staircase for it to be safer. If you’re not too conscious of the aesthetic side and you don’t have kids and/or elderly people to worry, you may make do with DIY-stair kits available on the market. On the other hand, if you’d rather have bespoke stairs or ready-made ones that follow strict building regulations, hiring professional staircase experts is the way to do it.

Relocating your stairs might seem like an expensive and tedious job. But given that it will improve your home is well worth any expenditure that you might have.



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