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Stairspiration: Rococo Art

If you enjoyed our last Stairspiration post about the Victorian art style, you will likely enjoy Rococo art which is a mix of symmetry, lavish ornaments, Baroque-like style and playful design.

Rococo Art

Developed in the early 18th century in Paris, Rococo or late Baroque became the art form deviating from the strict regulations and symmetry of the Baroque period. While the Baroque art style focused on displaying power and wealth, Rococo art paved the way to a more decorative style that is jocular and uses much lighter colours.

One of the most notable attributes of Rococo art is its focus on asymmetry. This particular art style gave way to contrast, an effect where elements are left unbalanced for the perfect setting. Paving the way for a more elaborate version of Baroque designs, it lends itself to a lighter and more graceful look.

Rococo Art Stair Design

Rococo Stairs at Baroque Chateau in McLean, Virginia

This spectacular winder staircase is a centrepiece within the Baroque Chateau in McLean, Virginia. With white brackets in contrast to the dark polished wooden treads, the black, ornate wrought balustrade is placed in the midst of the thirty-four feet high dome. Ascending and descending these stairs will surely make you feel like royalty in a modern-day setting.

Kloster Schöntal Staircase – Germany

Kloster Schöntal Staircase – Germany

Visualise the glamour of the “stairway to heaven” with the grand Rococo staircase gracing the main building of the Cistercian monastery, Kloster Schöntal in Germany. With intricately designed wrought iron and marble balustrades, polished hardwood steps, murals and sculptures of angelic beings, these stairs will surely feel like going up to heaven.

Grand Marble Staircase at van Loon House Museum

This grand marble staircase from Van Loon House museum in Amsterdam is just breathtaking. As you take in the ornate design of the treads, the delicate stucco work and the curlicue brass design you will surely understand the reason for its delicate, yet impressive charm.

Palazzo Biscari Rococo Staircase in Sicily

Palazzo Biscari Rococo Staircase in Sicily

The privately owned Palazzo Biscari in Catania, Italy, houses this stunning and elegant, Rococo-inspired spiral staircase. With magnificent murals and intricate designs you’ll really appreciate the staircase’s beautiful stucco and frescoes, together with the complex arrangement of the balustrade design.

Würzburg residence staircase

If you want a minimalistic Rococo design for your stairs, taking the Würzburg residence staircase for an example will give you an idea. The only ornaments obvious in this stair design are the ornate balustrade and marble statues, in place of the typical newel.

Staircase inside the Petit Trianon Palace of Versailles

Staircase inside the Petit Trianon Palace of Versailles

Wrest Park French Rococo Stairs

Wrest Park French Rococo Stairs

Side by side, these Rococo styled staircases are just stunning. The bold use of contrast definitely puts the emphasis on the French Rococo design, which employs a bolder look. The contrast of white marble, gold iron-wrought balustrades and polished hardwood all give evidence to the more sculpted look of French Rococo art, highlighting elegance and ornate designs with a bolder flair.


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