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Designing a Cantilevered Staircase

Staircases, whether helical, spiral or a cantilever can create the perfect centrepiece. Occupying a large space within the home, it is important that staircases look attractive. You could settle for a simple staircase or opt for a creative style that is appealing and attractive. Staircases can be designed depending on the materials used, the type of staircase and their location inside the house amongst other reasons. Cantilevered staircases can become a real showstopper if given that special touch.

Aside from the floating feeling that one gets when walking up a cantilevered staircase, its simplicity and spaciousness affords the opportunity to create your own design. Mounted at one end only, usually on the side of the walls, there is a lot of room for creativity. Aside from this, one could also combine different materials in the construction of the staircase. Using two or more materials can impact on the final look, especially for cantilevered staircases.


In this photo, glass is used as a balustrade, making every step look like it is floating in midair. With the use of glass, the steps complete the smooth and clean look.


Black wooden steps that are mounted to a white wall give this staircase a very simple, yet elegant look. The variety of shapes present in the steps give the staircase a unique final impression.


This metal cantilevered staircase gives the impression of levitation, without any presence of gaps in between the steps, while the five piece wooden balustrade attached to the ceiling creates an added style to this simple staircase.

Through the use of a variety of materials it is possible to create a unique staircase. It is also possible to use colour and lighting to your advantage. Colour and lighting can transform the appearance of a staircase into a look that cannot be achieved with a combination of materials alone.


Colour and lighting not only appear on the stairs but the walls as well. The effect would look equally amazing in other colours as well. You could even use a combination of two or more different colours. This cantilevered staircase is uniquely lit.


In addition to staircases that are lit in unique ways, this staircase creates the impression of glowing steps. In fact, this is just glass with lighting at the end. This effect is possible through the strategic placement of light.

There are lots of ways to effectively decorate a cantilevered staircase, through the materials used, the colour and the lighting. Of course, designs aren’t limited to this type of staircase, as spiral staircases and helical staircases can be personalised as well. Anything is possible in staircase designs; anything is possible with Spiral UK.

Images courtesy by Google Images


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