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Staircase Designing 101

Choosing the best stairs for your home should be a matter of suiting your budget, space, and tastes in style. Your stairs at home can be an integral part of your home design and it can be a centrepiece too if you want it grand.

To help you choose the best staircase, here are the basic things you need to keep in mind:

I already have a stair style/design in mind, what now?

Spotting a staircase you like is easy with plenty of resources available like interior magazines, the Internet, or simply buildings with great and good-looking staircases. The problem is, admiring staircases from magazines and copying them into your home might be expensive. Staircases that grace magazines or buildings are usually custom-made by staircase experts. There are however, the same staircase experts and companies able to provide bespoke staircases for a price.

Are staircases expensive to buy?

Depending on the type of staircase you want, stair prices usually vary. If you want to stick to a DIY project, stair kits are readily available in the market. However, if you think that you can’t do it, local stair companies might provide cheaper services for the design of your staircases. On the other hand, if you want your staircases to be grand, chic or both without overdoing it, asking the experts like Spiral UK might be the best thing for you to do.

How do I make the design I want?

Staircase design varies in terms of available space and the staircase materials that you want like timber, steel, glass, polished marble, or a combination of two or more materials.

A staircase’s design usually involves the common parts of the stairs as shown in the picture.


The basic thing you need to remember in designing your stairs is to get the size right so that the stairs are built according to building codes. The aesthetic aspect only comes after securing that your stair is designed to be safe and sturdy to receive traffic.

Straight, helical, or spiral staircases?

Again, location and space is a crucial matter when it comes to designing your stairs. A straight stair is the simplest stair configuration and perhaps the cheapest too. However, if you lack space, helical or spiral staircases are the better option. Be warned though that the latter type of stairs may not be ideal if you have kids or elderly at home. Another available choice is a staircase with landings.

Which stair material is best to use – timber, glass, stone and concrete, or metal?

Using a variety of stair materials can make your stair design look chic and contemporary in style. The most common materials used in stair designs is wood while more modern designs make use of glass, metal, and concrete. Keep in mind though that each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Is lighting too important?

Considering safety precautions when traversing stairs, lighting is indeed a crucial factor when designing your staircase. Make sure that the places where you intend to put your staircases are well lighted to avoid tripping and similar accidents due to poor lighting. It would be best to place your stairs where there is plenty of natural light coming through.

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