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The Importance Of Properly Illuminating Your Stairs

Staircases can be dangerous places especially if they lack illumination.

It can be pretty impossible to safely traverse stairs without proper lighting present however safe those stairs might look. In fact, not enough illumination can make your staircases a dangerous place especially for kids and the elderly. While it’s sometimes possible to illuminate stairs with natural light, there are some cases when having access to natural light is not possible.

Poor stair lighting can cause you to trip by misjudging the presence or location of each step. You may remedy this by making sure that your stairs are well-lighted so that you don’t lose your footing and cause serious injury to yourself.

Take note that proper lighting should be observed indoors or outdoors to either light entry steps, decks and even wheelchair ramps. If you need outdoor lighting for your stairs, make sure that you choose lighting fixtures that are appropriately rated for outdoor operation.

Usually, an overhead lighting fixture is the most common form of lighting used in stairs per requirement from the building code. On the other hand, overhead lighting has its disadvantages. For one, your body may block the light and therefore create shadows on the steps. Another is that most people wouldn’t mind turning on the overhead lights anymore especially at night so as not to disturb other people.

On the other hand, there are other ways to provide stair illumination without the use of overhead lighting: direct stair lighting and step lighting.

Direct stair lighting is done by providing a wall mounted lights near the stairs to illuminate the steps. One of the most common techniques to do this is to install LED lights on the handrails or use wall mounted LED bulbs to illuminate the steps. The pictures below will provide you a clear picture of these two examples. 

Image source (from left to right): Homedit and Interior-Design-It-Yourself

Image source (from left to right): Homedit and Interior-Design-It-Yourself

Step lighting is achieved by mounting the lights in the riser of the steps. This kind of stair illumination can be done in different ways and can actually be a creative and chic addition to your home.

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

On the other hand, you may choose to combine direct stair lighting and step lighting together. Look at this one example from Homedit. 


If you want something grand, take this gorgeous double staircase with its pristine stair treads with step lighting, wall mounted lighting, and overhead lights. The chic combination of steel and glass balustrades together with the stylish overhead chandelier is indeed a concoction of a masterpiece for a staircase. 

Image source: Homedit

Image source: Homedit

In terms of installation and design, choosing the perfect way to properly illuminate your stairs will depend on what you think will suit your home and your preferences. With the right type of stair illumination especially with the more difficult spiral staircase to traverse, keeping your stairs safe will be easy to do and they can be an attractive addition for your home too.



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