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How Does a Staircase Project Start?

If you’ve never contracted someone to design and/or build a staircase, here’s how a project is typically started:

New client or contractor – First, a new client or a contractor approaches us for a new project. Before the project starts, we may need additional information, like their contact info and the requirements of their new staircase.

At this stage, we also provide the quote, show our portfolio of past projects and inform them of the project’s estimated completion date. We may also require information about local building regulations in their area.

Site visit and survey–If they wish, we can visit the site so we can take measurements around the area. Clients or their contractors are free to provide us the measurements but it is their responsibility to make sure that the information they provide is accurate.

Designing–Our professional designers use CAD software to design staircases, allowing them to create drawings and 3D models of the project accurately and precisely. Changes can then be made relatively quickly. Clients have a lot of control over the aesthetics of the staircase:

  • Materials – We can work with different types of materials for staircases like timber, cement, steel or any combination of them. If the client has any other materials in mind, like glass or plastic, they should inform us.

  • Staircase type –We can construct any type of staircase possible be it helical, straight or spiral staircases and for indoor or outdoor use. We also construct cantilevered versions for all types of staircases.

  • Colour – With over 180+ colours to choose from, clients have a variety of colour choices and combinations available for their staircase. Here’s our complete colour chart.

  • Design–Staircases can be designed according to the client’s desires, no matter how tall or wide they want their staircase to be.

For more info, please visit our technical design page.

Manufacturing – After the design stage is over, staircase manufacturing can finally start. If the client wants to make any changes, they should inform us before we start manufacturing.

Installation – We can install the staircase on-site or deliver it and let the client or contractor install the staircase themselves.


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