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Challenge Accepted: Traversing a Staircase with No Railings

Railing-less Staircase

Do you want to challenge your balancing skills? A spiral staircase with no railings will definitely meet the challenge. A staircase without railings is not just about accepting the challenge of equilibrium and stability it also distinguishes you as the home owner of such a spiral staircase. Here are some points that will advise you whether a staircase with no railings is suitable for your house:

You’re Living Alone

A free-hand staircase is most applicable for single people, who live in their own pad. One of the perks of living alone is that there are no safety precautions for children or the elderly that you have to keep in mind.

Your room has a second floor

If you are not living alone, you can have a spiral staircase with no railings if you want to include a loft conversion. However, it is better to place your staircase beside the wall so that you can still balance yourself, especially in the mornings or when you are tired from a hard day at work.

You Do Not Have a Family Member who is Afraid of Heights

For anyone with a have a fear of heights, a spiral staircase without railings could seem like a nightmare. Even if it’s in your room, take in consideration any circumstances that may require them to use the stairs. Consider constructing it between two walls, therefore providing support to anyone mounting or dismounting the stairs.

These are just some of the factors you should consider before deciding whether to take the challenge of a railing-less, spiral staircase. You can still add railings as an afterthought should you have reason to change your mind or if your circumstances alter at a later date. Easy to customise, the spiral staircase can be the statement piece in your home.

If you want your very own railing-less spiral staircase, please contact Spiral UK to construct the staircase – just the way you want it.

Image Credits: Torabia Architect


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