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About Spiral UK

As the chief manufacturer of spiral, helical and bespoke staircases in the UK, Spiral UK continues to bring quality, grace, and excellence to their client’s homes and facilities. Builders of famous stairs since 1985, our company continues to help clients create professionally designed spiral staircases. Our main sales and technical office is located in Cambridgeshire and we offer our expertise throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our Services

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology in our design process means that we can design whatever staircase a client has dreamed of, and bring it into reality in the process. From the tiniest details to something as large as the stairs itself, all things our possible through our comprehensive pre-construction procedure.

Before construction starts, we choose only the best and finest materials available in the market before proceeding with construction. This is why our spiral and helical staircases are elegant and can be enjoyed by anyone for years to come.

Combined with our expert artisans knowledgeable in crafting awe-inspiring masterpieces from wood, steel, glass and stone, it’s no surprise that to have one of our staircases built in your facility means you’ll have a useful and beautiful staircase for life.

Contact Details


Water-ma-trout Ind

Helston, Cornwall TR13 0LW, United Kingdom

Head Office Tel: +44 (0)1326 574497

Sales Office Tel: +44 (0)1480 301102



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