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The Importance Of Properly Illuminating Your Stairs

Staircases can be dangerous places especially if they lack illumination. It can be pretty impossible to safely traverse stairs without proper lighting present however safe those stairs might look. In … Continue reading

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Staircase Designing 101

Choosing the best stairs for your home should be a matter of suiting your budget, space, and tastes in style. Your stairs at home can be an integral part of … Continue reading

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Designing a Cantilevered Staircase

Staircases, whether helical, spiral or a cantilever can create the perfect centrepiece. Occupying a large space within the home, it is important that staircases look attractive. You could settle for … Continue reading

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Stairspiration: Rococo Art

If you enjoyed our last Stairspiration post about the Victorian art style, you will likely enjoy Rococo art which is a mix of symmetry, lavish ornaments, Baroque-like style and playful … Continue reading

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Safety Precautions when Traversing Stairs

Stairs may seem harmless but they actually present a danger – not just for kids but for everyone. UK statistics reveal that more than 1,000 people die yearly from falling … Continue reading

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Important Factors to Consider When Relocating Your Stairs

It is not unheard of that the stairs might need to be relocated for good reasons. Planning to relocate your stairs is undeniably a big job. Your stairs should fulfil … Continue reading

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Creating Access Holes for Spiral Staircases

Before any staircase can be constructed, enough space will be required for the stairs, the railings, as well as some extra space so people can access it; however, some people … Continue reading

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